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Privacy Policy Notice The policy: This privacy policy notice is served by [Business name & full registered address] under the website; [] The purpose of this policy is to explain to you how we control, process,...

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Welcome to Growing Money Trees – A Millennial’s Journey to Financial Freedom.

I started this blog for two main reasons: 1.) To keep me accountable with my own financial journey, and stay on track towards my target of financial freedom by 2030. You can find this journey...

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Notice

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All Posts

Welcome to Growing Money Trees – A Millennial’s Journey to Financial Freedom.

I started this blog for two main reasons:

1.) To keep me accountable with my own financial journey, and stay on track towards my target of financial freedom by 2030. You can find this journey here:

2.) To share ideas and thoughts that can help others, both in the UK and around the world. You can find all these posts here:

I am, by no means, an expert. But I am a firm believer in showing your work, trying ideas out, and seeing what works. It is sometimes easy to learn more from someone “normal” than a financial “guru”. I want to take you along for the journey, so you can see all my many errors.

You can follow my Twitter @Seaward_eth or grab my newsletter (I intend to post monthly to this once I am up and running).

Otherwise, have a poke around and let me know what you think. I am new to blogging so still trying to format this place in a way that makes sense.

I have some more interactive ideas planned for the future.


Relapsing into Microcaps – Why I Bought $Grey Token

Since my first adventures into Bitcoin in 2016, I have managed to win a little, and lose a little. I’ve been overly cautious with the timing of my selling in a market that rewards diamond hands (so long as you happen to be holding the winner).

I recently decided to make a small bet, an asymmetric bet if you will. This is a principle seen in many places, such as the Dhando Investor (Mohnish Pabrai) “heads I gain a lot, tails I don’t lose much”. When successful, you simply need to make a certain number of bets where the cumulative upside vastly outweighs the risk you are paying for.

Without boring you with any more detail, you get the idea. Find an investment(s) that could moon. Make a series of bets on these, and sit and wait. Position size and weighting are the hardest parts of this, but once you get it down it feels good.

Over the past two years I’ve taken this approach to investing in most equities, my last big purchase was $coin (Coinbase) at $228 (and will buy more in this recent dip). I can go into the reasoning in the future, but this was so obviously undervalued at that price given the upside of the industry, the cash flow they were already generating, the future growth they should capture.

My latest bet has been on an extremely small crypto currency. Something that has always scared me, especially in a market that could be near its peak. However, if you invest in something before the hype and with strong fundamentals the upside can be huge.

$Grey Token will be a one stop for everything Extra Terrestrial. Imagine if you could store your UFO sightings, or audio on the blockchain. Forever. Nobody could censor you, and you could keep all your evidence in one place. Via NFTs, $Grey will achieve this.

Now imagine you can also use these NFTs within a stand alone meta-verse game and a $sandbox game (plot next to Binance) at the same time and you can start to the upside potential of such a mission.

The team are accessible, run AMA’s and they starting to pick up on socials. They are not a bunch of first timers in their 20s (not that there is necessarily anything wrong with this). They are almost all parents, and in their 30s and 40s. They are a team who have long-term ambitions.

Financially, the team are well-positioned with a significant war-chest they are saving to deploy in the new year. Rather than jump onto a tiny exchange now, they are planning to wait until they are ready (and have a product to demo!) and “go big” (list on a large exchange). If you’ve ever been through one of these large listings, you will know that (when the right conditions are met) there can be a parabolic move to the upside.

There are quite a few catalysts for movement in the price news is due in Q1 on:

  • Exchanges (likely CEX)
  • NFT Marketplace (disclosure collection reveal)
  • Increased Marketing spend (not sure on exact dates, will depend on first two)
  • Stand alone Unity/Unreal P2E game

Oh, and they have deflationary tokenomics. I own around a billion tokens (god I love big numbers). And am targeting a 100x.

Follow along to see if I make it!


5 Reasons to Start Investing in your 20s

It may seem easier to think about investing when you’re financially secure or closer to retirement. But investing in your 20s is one of the best ways to achieve financial independence early.

Many people assume investing is only for retirement, but you can invest and make your money grow to help you achieve many other financial goals including short-term goals. If you haven’t thought about investing yet, here are five reasons to invest in your 20s.

Compounded Earnings

Investing in your 20s means you have only time on your side. Even if you only invest a small amount, that money has more time to grow than the larger contributions you make as you get older. As the money grows, your earnings earn money, which is the value of compounded earnings.

For example, a $5,000 investment made in your 20s at 5%, and left for 40 years would be worth $35,000. If you made that same investment in your 40s and left it for 20 years, it would be worth just $13,000. The more time you give your money to grow, the more time your earnings have to compound.

Take Higher Risks

The further away you are from your goals’ timeline, the more risk you can take. Riskier investments have a higher rate of return, which makes your money work harder for you. When you invest in your 20s, you have time to ride out financial downturns than if you waited until you’re in your 40s or 50s and are closer to retirement or other financial goals.

You Have Time to Learn

There’s no better teacher when investing than experience. The more platforms you join or the more educational opportunities you take advantage of, the more ways you’ll learn to invest. Starting young gives you a chance to test the waters and continually grow your strategy so by the time you’re nearing retirement, you’ll have a solid investment strategy in place.

You Don’t Have to Invest as Much

Since your money grows with time, you can make smaller contributions and still walk away with more money, helping you achieve financial independence sooner.

When you wait to invest, say until you’re in your 30s or 40s, you’ll need to make catch-up contributions to meet your goals. Since most retirement accounts have a maximum amount you can contribute each year, you may come up short if you don’t start early.

Take Advantage of ‘Free Money’

If you’ve started your career and your employer offers a 401K match, take it. You’ll get ‘free money’ to invest in your retirement, aging, giving it time to compound. To get the employer match, you must contribute the amount they’ll match, so work it into your budget to double your retirement investments early.

Bottom Line

The earlier you invest, the faster you’ll achieve your financial independence goals. Whether you’re saving for retirement, to buy a house, or any other large financial goal, investing now gives your money time to grow and to help you achieve your goals.

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