How Much Passive Income I Made From Cloning My Voice on ElevenLabs (1st 48HOURS)

This is one of the rare “actually passive” income streams, it won’t make you rich but it could just help you generate some free cash or Beer Money.

I posted an article last week discussing the change ElevenLabs (an AI text-to-voice software) made to their system allowing anyone to make money by cloning their voice. This is an update to that.

Skip to the end of the article for earnings, but here’s how to get started.

  1. Sign up to ElevenLabs — you need the creator program for this (you can cancel once you’ve cloned so total cost is limited — you will make it back in a week or two)
  2. Head to “Professional Voice Cloning”, you will need to upload 30 minutes of your voice. Note: make sure you have no background noise. I messed mine up the first time.

3. Enable sharing and Discovery in Voice Library. This allows people to find you. I haven’t managed to find the best “labels” to use yet to boost your name in the search settings, but people still seem to be able to find me.

4. Sit back and do nothing, you don’t need to lift a finger (although you need to ensure your Stripe account is connected) and then wait for payments to arrive. You need never even log into the service again if you don’t want to.

I think the opportunity here is clear, some folks who have 400 million characters used — which equates to around 12k USD! It’s a clear first-mover advantage, and Elevenlabs is VERY keen to grow (just raised a big series B). As they do, the oldest voices on the platform are likely to be the ones that produce the most mon

Here are my usage metrics after 48 hours, on the 18th so far I have 15k credits used:

33,000 characters used

Financial rewards

Rewards from

Not much, but it’s a little something. My best day so far is $0.45 I’d be very happy if I got to $10 a day.How Much Passive Income I Made from Cloning My Voice

Give it a try, it might just be a nice little earner for you.

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