Clone ANY Voice with this New Ultra-Realistic AI tool.

Since I started reading about the actors strike, I’ve been obsessed with lazy ways to make money with AI.

As an part-time voice actor, I’ve also been fascinated by the future of the profession and the creative arts in general. I was and am determined to position myself as the person most adept with the combination of old and new skills.

Here’s a quick example of this AI Tool in in action, I made this ASMR video about ReWilding. There is still some tweaking to do, but the below is remarkable.

Will the best voices simply license out usage of their voice and take all the best gigs? It seems pretty likely to be a “winner-take-all” market once the technology gets very good and more widespread.

However, most the public domain technologies I have tried such as the one I used in this article: How to Turn Voice Memos into Text have pretty big limitations. Don’t get me wrong, they are very good. But they are very clearly not human voices. There are tell-tale signs everywhere!

This limits its use because:

  • you can’t charge people for a subpar cloning of your voice
  • it will reduce the chance that someone will listen to your call to action
  • It seems cheaper and less professional, and could even hurt your brand

Whatever your goals with text to voice AI cloning you want it be life-like and mimic how real humans talk. The difference between really good and excellent voice cloning is extremely small nuances.

I’ve used voice cloning to generate plenty of money (for me anyway) online from YouTube to Fiverr, and I am always looking for the latest tools to see if they have that life-like feature.

Well, see what you think of this:

MIND BLOWING, this is just a small snippet but within this tool you can do so many brilliant things and the results are truly remarkable. If you want to try it you can click here.

That’s the new product from ElevenLabs that you can for free here

I’ve been trialling it on a couple of new YouTube channels using my own and others and starting to good success already (here’s the first 48 hours of my ASMR YouTube channel. Using just AI.

Give it a try today by clicking here and let me know what you use this new found power for!

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