60 Days of Making Money with my Faceless YouTube Account & AI.

Some people are making $1000s a day on these channels, so I thought I would give it a try. The idea is that you don’t have to show your voice, and use stock videos and similar to produce content.

If you’ve looked into making money with AI then you’ve probably seen these Faceless YouTube channels all over the platform. I tried it for 90 days, the results are at the of this article.

Let’s start with the basics, what do you need to build a faceless YouTube channel? Here’s my quick step-by-step guide:

  1. You get ChatGPT to generate a script (or write it yourself) about an interesting story or topic. It seems most “creators” just rip off someone else and churn into something new form. I’d suggest writing it yourself, the AI can do most things but the content it produces will be very formulaic unless you know what you are doing.
  2. Get a nice AI photo, not essential but preferred, you can use Bing Photo AI Generator or similar to do this for both your avatar and thumbnail. Unfortunately, most people tend to use attractive women to game the system, I’d suggest being a little more creative than that.
  3. Find a niche that you like, and are interested in. If you aren’t you are going to hate your life pretty soon. The better your research here the better you will fair. Think of an area you actually find interesting and maybe see what is trending. I love finance and business and so talk and write a lot about that.
  4. Go to ElevenLabs (link here) and either use a free account or creator account (it’s like 10 bucks for the first month).
  5. Find a voice you like (or clone an existing one, this might have legal implications though), and you can do it all with that tool.

Generate a long audio file (at least 10 minutes) but focus on retention, if you’ve written your script right this should be easy. I’m still working on this. If you use Fiverr you can outsource all of this part to ensure the best script.

Tip: Find a niche you programmatically build out, that is focused on a keyword you can change. Tutorials are good for this, as there is loads of written content you can turn into videos.

If you aren’t going down the tutorial route then you should focus on editing catching videos whilst talking about an engaging topic. The trick is to either niche down and make your money via affiliate links (and maybe some Adsense) or go mass market (go for a view channel that could blow up).

Another area that is underserved in this arena is comedy. But I will write a separate tutorial on how to do that. I think all these tools can supercharge our creativity rather than nullify it, as so many are saying online.

Here are my results after less than 90 days:

You can see it’s a pretty steady flow coming through. That’s the way I prefer it. I’m not going to go viral, but I can constantly generate views every day.

So far I’ve had around 15 signups to my affiliate and made $0.42 but we will see how that goes in the longer run.

*Updated February 2024 – this is now up to $2.90 – so not quite the millions I was hoping for. However, this should hopefully stay evergreen and always have the chance to make a smaller amount of money.

I am likely to turn this Medium article into a YouTube video to see what kind of traction that gets on there.

I hope you enjoyed it, if you liked this you may like this article on cloning any voice in the world: https://medium.com/p/f37056ea1651

Happy money-making!

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