How to Get Paid Dividend Every Day of the Year

In a previous post, I talked about how to get paid dividend each week of the year. However, I thought I would take this a step further and see if I can do this everyday instead. This is suitable for a generation of investors who find it difficult to sit on their hands! The previous article is below:

Imagine waking up every day and getting paid a dividend. That is a challenge I am going to try this year. I am building a portfolio that pays me every single day of the year. Obviously, weekends are out of the question. My current portfolio is around 64 companies, which should pay out 258 times per year. Some of my monthly picks are in the article below:

We have a mixture of companies that pay quarterly dividend, monthly dividend, and bi-annual. There is a mixture of dividend growth (old blue chips) and those companies that are pure income plays – IE, cigarette companies! This should give a nice balance of income, and income growth. Higher yields from the likes of tobacco and oil, lower but growing yields from Apple / MSFT and blue chips like PEP and KO.

When I get my sh*t together I will make a spreadsheet available on my website for you all to see. This will also have expected payouts etc. The hardest part is transferring the data to a spreadsheet, I’ve had to do it manually at this point.

I am using the FreeTrade App for this, you can see my quick video on YouTube here:

I, like my many my age, struggle with sitting on your hands and doing nothing. My take on this portfolio is that it will give a diversified income over a long-time period and the constant income stream (even if small) will keep me interested enough to stay invested. Just by re-framing my mindset in this way, I should do much better over the long-run than some of my previous bets in the market. It is also a nice side income to my other 4 side hustles – article to come on this!

I will update this challenge once the income starts to roll in, which will be at minimum one month from now for the monthly payers. It will take 3 months to really get the ball-rolling. But I am hoping I will have a healthy Christmas period, at the very least!

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