December 2021 – Net Worth Update: £100,543 – The First £100k is the hardest!

It’s been a while since I posted my “monthly” update on net worth. But this one is quite a milestone for me. I have been striving to hit £100k, for some time and somehow find myself in a position where I have reached it.

I should note this this is including my pension and SIPP, although this quite a small portion of my net worth (around 10% currently).

The big increase over the past three months has been mainly down to paying down capital on the mortgage, an uplift in $COIN share price (Coinbase – this has now come back down to earth so not as big an impact as I would have hoped) and an increase in house prices. Always hard to estimate house prices adequately as you never know until you sell (and there are plenty of fees associated with it).

Considering a few of my investments are underwater, including a £3k bet on a small cryptocurrency I feel I am in good stead to face the new year.

I want to come up with a nice graphic for the top of this page that I can update monthly. Does anyone have any ideas for what good plugins etc to use for such a thing.

I have also started to really explore other options regarding to diversifying my income. My new job allows me more time to focus on other things, like this blog, and I would like to end this year with at least three distinct income streams (not including salary). However, when building a stream I am looking for something with repeatable income, think a blog post, or eBook, or something that simply pays me income regularly. Nothing is truly passive but I don’t want a direct time=income stream, as this limits scalability.

Goal for this year year is £150,000 this currently feels like a big leap but having checked my posts from earlier in the year this is actually a smaller increase than 2021!

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