May Update – £70,976 (+£3,948.00) – Total Restricted/Unrestricted Wealth = £85,579

Quick update this month. I had some large expenses, but still managed to keep my head above the parapet and stick to my savings plans.

The main expense of the month was an £850 wardrobe from IKEA. A worthwhile purchase for a couple reasons. I will be able to sell with the property, they look so nice I expect many will think them built in. They will shape the bedroom, and probably allow me to price the house higher (by a larger margin than the original purchase price).

I will also get 10-15 years of use out of them, so the cost is negligible in the long run. Still, it pains me to do so!

Total Wealth Counting Illiquid Wealth like RSUs and Pension

I decided it would be worth to start tracking my pension, and my RSUs (restricted stock units). I plan to be in the company I am in for at least 4 years. They are a factor in my wealth despite not being accessible right now. I am in the process of transferring my pension to a SIPP (taking much longer than I expected). Both combined are trading at around £14,600. I am also going to start getting contributions from my new employer at 10% of my salary per month, which is a substantial amount of money.

I will create two numbers, one for total assets (including illiquid/time-gated).

This was very much a treading water sort of month; my spending was up around 40% and I had no major wins in any of portfolio companies. Yet, my net worth still increased due to a paying down my debt, and the house price going up by an estimated £3k.

I had a small appreciation in my $BNB tokens, my crypto of choice. This is also yielding around 8%. I am long-term bullish on it.

Total Wealth Restricted and Unrestricted: £85,579

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