How Andrew Tate Got Rich

Andrew Tate, a world champion kickboxer, made his first millions not from his successful sports career, but from an entirely unexpected venture – a webcam studio. This surprising turn of events is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and his ability to seize opportunities where others might not even look.

Despite being a world champion in kickboxing, Tate’s earnings were not as lucrative as one might expect. He was making around a hundred thousand dollars per fight, fighting two or three times a year. After paying his manager and taxes, he was left with about 30 to 40% of the money. Living in London, with its high rents and the need for a car, he was far from living a life of luxury.

This realization led Tate to retire from kickboxing. He believed that if he redirected the same amount of focus and energy he was putting into his sports career into a different venture, he could become a multimillionaire. He had reached the pinnacle of kickboxing, and the next logical step would have been to switch to MMA or UFC. However, even these platforms didn’t pay as much as people often think.

Tate then set his sights on a new goal: to make 30 or 40,000 every month, which would amount to about half a million bucks a year. With that much money, he could live the life he wanted.

His journey to wealth began with extensive research into money, banks, credit, and fractional reserve banking. He was shocked to learn that money was not linked to gold and that banks could invent money out of thin air.

As he pondered his next steps, he started listing down his assets. He had an apartment, a BMW, and was in good shape. Interestingly, he also had about eight girlfriends from his travels around the world. This led him to consider how he could monetize these relationships.

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His first thought was to open a strip club, but the investment was too high. Then, by absolute coincidence, he stumbled upon a webcam website. He realized that these girls were making money just by talking to guys online.

Tate messaged all his girlfriends and told them about his plan to launch a webcam company. Four of them agreed and flew in. Two left after realizing they were not his only girlfriends, but the remaining two stayed, marking the beginning of Tate’s webcam empire.

Tate handled the tech side of things and motivated the girls. He made sure they did their job properly and kept everything organized. Over time, he built up a big empire of webcam girls. At one point, he had four locations and 75 girls working for him.

The girls lived in houses that Tate rented and worked set hours. They had regular customers and made good money, of which Tate took around 50%. This might seem high, but every time a girl quit and tried to do it by herself, she made a fraction of the money overall because she didn’t have the instruction or motivation.

This unconventional path to wealth is a testament to Andrew Tate’s entrepreneurial spirit and his ability to seize opportunities. From a kickboxing champion to the owner of a webcam empire, his journey was filled with unexpected turns and lessons. But in the end, it was all worth it, as he achieved his goal of becoming a multimillionaire.

Love him or hate him, he got to where he wanted to go.

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