Anna (Panda Boss) FIRE Update

A lot of youtubers appeared during lockdown, claiming they were going to FIRE ASAP. One that actually has taken a very good go of it is Anna (aka Panda Boss). In a candid and personal update, Anna from Panda Boss – Personal Finance & Bossing Life shares significant changes and plans in her life. For those in a hurry, here’s a summary of her life update, reflecting on her journey of embracing change and new ventures.

  1. Moving Plans and Facing Fears: Anna initially planned to move to Poland and live free from the corporate world. However, she faced fears related to bureaucracy and financial stability. To navigate these challenges, she decided to secure a job while building her content on the side.
  2. Financial Adjustments and Investment Strategies: Anna’s financial journey took a turn as she sold off a significant portion of her investments to fund her house build. From having almost £25,000 invested, she now has about £5,000. She plans to focus her investments on eToro and maintain a diversified portfolio across different platforms.
  3. Purchasing Land and Managing Debt: In a bold move, Anna purchased the land next to her property. This decision required taking out a loan of £22,000 at a high-interest rate. She’s now strategizing to pay off this loan by balancing savings, investments, and setting aside funds for a much-needed holiday.
  4. Plans for the New Land: The newly acquired 1,000 square meter land offers Anna an opportunity to expand her self-sufficiency plans. She intends to even out the land, fence it, and eventually develop a vegetable patch, aligning with her goals of sustainable living.
  5. Expanding Her English Teaching Business: Anna is also focusing on expanding her English teaching business. She plans to obtain a TESOL qualification to gain insights into teaching group classes. Additionally, she aims to create learning materials and courses, particularly for Polish students, to generate passive income.
  6. Personal Reflections and Future Goals: Amidst these significant changes, Anna emphasizes the importance of emergency funds, as recent expenses on vet bills and car maintenance have highlighted their value. She also shares the joy of having five cats, adding a personal touch to her update.
  7. Engaging with Her Audience: Anna invites her audience to engage with her journey, ask questions, and share their thoughts. Her openness and willingness to share her experiences make her update not just informative but also relatable.

Anna’s life update is a blend of personal insights, financial strategies, and future aspirations. It’s a story of adapting to changes, taking calculated risks, and pursuing a balanced life. Her journey is a reminder that life is a continuous process of learning, growing, and embracing new opportunities.

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