Sunday Thoughts – 08/08/21 –

  • Just realised that the Beijing Olympics started on this day 13 years ago – man time flies
  • Doing some proper budgeting as I feel like I am behind on my finances at the moment, I’ve just realised £10 a day saved is the same as £96k at 4% (I know one is perpetual but still crazy to think)
  • After all living expenses (not inc food) I have just £25 per day as a budget. I guess that is not so bad, but I would prefer it to be north of £100
  • To do this I will need a significant uptick in income, or a mass saving on living costs
  • Reduction in living cost are incoming, my bills were in arrears (through no fault of my own) so I should be able to reclaim £100 per month, or £3 per day on the budget.
  • £3 per day pays for lunch so I will take that!
  • Pay increases are coming but not fast enough, a side hustle will be required
  • Now I know £25 a day is all I get, dividend and other incomes seem much more powerful
  • Renting out the spare room will be a necessity
  • I will try and go for a budget of £20 for the week this week on food which should help significantly
  • I must remind myself that summer is always more expensive, and the post-pandemic socializing boom also does not help this
  • I have been on a couple of holidays etc. that have hurt my savings rate
  • In any case we are in good shape net worth wise, around £77k (barely moved the needle this month) if I can stick to budget the rest will fall into place
  • House Hacking may help this, but I want to live alone longer-term as my energy is diverted away from the good habits to the bad
  • Busy week ahead at work, I am beginning the design of a programme that has large implications for the future of the business, this will help my prospects (if done correctly) but could be a double-edged sword
  • June 22′ is my date schedule promotion, with a 10% pay-rise
  • I am going to try and write down my thoughts each night, if anything as more of a therapy
  • Must remember to meditate tomorrow

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