Net Worth Update for March 2021 – £51,951 (+£5,423)

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I thought I would preface this with some figures. I have been tracking my income / savings rate since June 2018. This was when I started my first proper job (I had one before but saved nothing from it!).

It’s all very well tracking income, but the only thing that really matters is net income. Once the taxman comes this is what you are left with. Total net income is about to pass the £100k mark and that is a milestone for me. But the real reason for tracking this, is to work out the savings rate.

I’ve managed to stay around the 50% mark for a longtime, peaking at the high 50s. Below is my net income vs net worth. As you will see my savings has stayed consistent, I’ve tried not to inflate my lifestyle. The pandemic has obviously helped this!

Finally, here is the total net worth in by itself. For a simple look at my progress.


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