January 2022 – Net Worth Update +£2,489 £103,393

January is always a tough month for keeping the finances healthy. This year was no exception. I was completely buoyed by the housing market continuing its strength, an off-cycle bonus, and a new stock grant from my company. I never add the entire total of stock grants to my net worth, as who knows what they will be worth once fully vested.

However, as they are assets tied to the stock market, albeit paid as income, I have decided to only add stock falling due within 12 months and track them with the market. As these are just as liquid as any of my other investments.

My investment in Coinbase has not served me well. I’ve swung from £4k up to about 3k down in that position. Results were strong but did little to the share price due to short-term headwinds. I still long-term love the stock, churning out cash and once it decouples from BTC price it’ll be a winner.

My investment into Grey Token has been under some pressure too. In a broader market sell-off, a small-cap without much news released has struggled. They have rebranded to Kondux (kndx coin price can be found here: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/kondux), and there are actually bigger things to come than even I suspected. I topped up at 1.9million market can, and currently hold around 2billion tokens. Broadly speaking there are so many catalysts for news, that when the newsflow does come (and the evidence I have seen in telegram and discord suggests it is definitely coming) it almost cannot fail. However, it is being run with the sensibilities of a modern startup, rather than a crypto rug pull (all hype). I expect the patient hands to pay and feel strangely comfortable although my position is significantly down!

If we get to a 100million market cap, I will be one happy bunny…

I will update on February in due course. Sorry this is so late!

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