How to Retire Early

Today, millions of people long before the traditional age of 62. But even retiring a few years early requires plenty of financial planning to ensure you have enough money to carry you through retirement. If early retirement to you means retiring in your 30s or 40s, you’ll have to do even more planning since you’ll… Continue reading How to Retire Early

How to Negotiate a Pay Raise

The last year created its struggles for businesses, but that doesn’t mean employees don’t deserve a pay raise. If you think you’re going above and beyond at your job or you aren’t paid at least the average salary for your industry, it’s time to negotiate a pay raise. Use these simple tips to get started.… Continue reading How to Negotiate a Pay Raise

May Update – £70,976 (+£3,948.00) – Total Restricted/Unrestricted Wealth = £85,579

Quick update this month. I had some large expenses, but still managed to keep my head above the parapet and stick to my savings plans. The main expense of the month was an £850 wardrobe from IKEA. A worthwhile purchase for a couple reasons. I will be able to sell with the property, they look… Continue reading May Update – £70,976 (+£3,948.00) – Total Restricted/Unrestricted Wealth = £85,579

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